‘More’ is a soft yet scintillating track, strolling bass lines and airy guitars interweaving like the meeting of two brooks in a woods.
— Ben Kaye
I love how Queue can take such a simple concept and turn it into something so rich and full. Lush waves of electric guitar and electronics fill [an] emotional void that has been left behind.
— Kelsey Simpkins
Swirling in an atmosphere of ambient sounds, ‘Aimless Kid’ exudes a calmness, but not one of peaceful serenity. It’s the kind of controlled calm that follows a forceful blow of shock and confusion.
— Megan Cooper
’Falling into Skies’ firmly places the band in the dream pop slash alt rock genre, with its ethereal lyrics and catchy riff. The cheerful beat provided, combined with dreamy uplifting vocals makes for easy summer listening, slightly reminiscent of Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ crossed with Foal’s ‘Bad Habits’.
— Hannah Wakeman
A climbing guitar line falls into step with the percussion as Olivia Price’s vocals emerge through the highly-elevated clouds. Hovering in that semi-conscious groove, the single places you in an elegant, awakening limbo.